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We offer full utility service—including water, sewer, and storm drains, as well as dry utilities like conduits for electrical, gas, and phone lines. When underground utilities need removal, replacement, or repair it can be quite a challenge for construction companies. The pavement may need to be demolished or saw cut along the cable and pipelines, and the trench then needs to be patched seamlessly to the existing asphalt once repairs are done. We ensure that all utility patches meet or exceed the requirements set by the local municipalities of soil compaction and density level.

utility cut photo replacement.jpg

Trench lines are saw cut along the repair area



Asphalt material is removed and a clean edge will be left for the utility work to begin



Site is inspected after completion to ensure compaction and integrity of the subgrade is acceptable for new material



A tack coat is applied to ensure a proper adhesion between layers

Not sure if utility cut is the best option for you?


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