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“Pavement striping” refers to the practice of painting white or yellow lines on a parking lot, road, or other asphalt or concrete surfaces. In this article, we’re focusing on striping parking lots, which lets drivers know where to park. 

A parking lot striping job may include installing wheel stops and safety bollards as well as painting lines. 

Bus Lane

When parking lot lines are well-marked on your pavement, drivers know how to move efficiently in the parking lot. That means more time in your place of business and less time in traffic jams.

Clearly showing traffic direction, areas where parking is not authorized, and which spots are designated for the handicapped help your customers navigate comfortably and safely around your property.


Yellow is the traditional color for the stripes, but blue is gaining in popularity in some areas, especially for shopping malls. In most cases, this is strictly a personal preference or convention, but keep in mind that certain stencils, such as for handicapped stalls, have legal requirements for color, size, and shape.

White is another popular choice for parking lot stripes. Business owners who choose this color may reserve the use of yellow for painting curves and areas where parking is prohibited. Blue with yellow or white is often required by law to paint the handicap symbol on handicap accessible spaces.


At Ensley, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure the safety, compliance, and organization of your parking facility.

Our Parking Lot Striping Services encompass a variety of essential offerings, including:

  • Parking Lot Stall Painting: Precise and durable stall markings to maximize parking capacity and efficiency.

  • Parking Lot Stencils: Clear and well-defined stencils for directional guidance, pedestrian pathways, and handicap parking spaces.

  • Thermoplastic Striping: Utilizing advanced thermoplastic materials for long-lasting, highly visible striping solutions.

  • ADA Compliance: Expertise in ADA-compliant markings to ensure accessibility for all.

  • Curb Painting: Highlighting and enhancing the appearance of curbs for improved safety and aesthetics.


Maintaining proper striping in your parking lot is not only crucial for compliance with city ordinances but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing safety and efficiency. Our services help vehicles and pedestrians easily identify traffic flow and parking areas, promoting safety and preventing legal issues.

Choose our professional parking lot striping services to ensure a well-organized, compliant, and safe parking environment.

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