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Asphalt resurfacing, also called asphalt overlay, is the most common and economical way to extend the life of your pavement. Asphalt resurfacing involves adding a new layer of asphalt to your existing asphalt. This will not only help make your parking lot look new again, but it will also add life expectancy to your parking lot. Although asphalt resurfacing will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your lot or roadway, asphalt overlays will also correct drainage problems and safety concerns.



You will need to repair asphalt potholes, cracks, and divots before resurfacing. This is because the new surface will only be as strong as the asphalt beneath it. In other words, if there is damage in asphalt layers underneath the surface, it won’t take long for this damage to reach the surface.

Less than 25% to 30% of asphalt pavement needs repairs

Foundation is structurally sound

Asphalt pavement is less than 20 years old

Cracks are smaller than a quarter inch wide

Cracks are shallow (not several inches deep)

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